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DogWatch Outdoor Hidden Fence Systems
DogWatch Outdoor Hidden Fence Systems

Hide the Fence. Not your yard!

A small area – or up to 200 acres – whatever is right for you.  Our outdoor pet fences allow you to have your pet access to your entire yard or a smaller designated area.  Unlike more costly wooden or chain link dog fences, your pet can’t jump over, dig under or chew through a DogWatch hidden fence.  In addition to being less expensive than traditional pet fences, an underground pet fence safeguards your landscaping rather than hiding it.  It is the sensible solution for protecting both tour pet and your property. 

 Your local Dealer, DogWatch of New Hampshire, can recommend and install an outdoor pet fence system that is right for your yard. We have installed systems in all kinds of terrain – including orchards, barnyards, a swimming area in a lake, and across woodland streams.  Whatever it takes – we work so dogs can play!

 Works well for cat containment, too!

Did you know that DogWatch is not just for dogs?  Our DogWatch pet fence system works well as a cat fence, too.  The DogWatch outdoor pet fence system and all of our indoor pet fence products are very effective for cat containment.

If you have a dog and a cat?  No problem.  You can use the DogWatch hidden fence system as a cat fence and a dog fence at the same time.  If you have several dogs and cats?  No problem.  Our hidden fence system can handle multiple pets.  Since no two pets are alike , the collar settings can be individually adjusted to suit the breed, size, age and temperament of each dog and cat on the system.

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