Wagging Our Tail

Pet containment stories from our customers, pet professionals and the media.

If you think we might be a bit biased about out own products, read what others have to say about our hidden fences. See below for comments from our customers, from pet professionals, and the media. Actually, our happiest customers can't say much, but judging from the tail wagging out there, we think our most important customers are very satisfied.

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DogWatch customers are our best supporters!

For example, here is a letter to Lori Russell, DogWatch of Southeast PA:

"Thank you so much for solving our Siberian Husky problem. We had a lot of trouble containing our Husky with a competitive brand. Our dog, Moby, did not even break stride as he walked through the boundaries. We were planning on building a run for his safety since the competitive brand failed to contain him. Then we received a recommendation from a friend about the Dog Watch system. We immediately called and were pleased by your knowledgeable insight into our specific problems and the prompt attention we received. We have successfully managed to train our Husky and keep him safe, with the added bonuses of a more economical system (batteries) and friendly personal customer service."

Sincerely, Dr. & Mrs. Mitnick

What the experts are saying...

Professional dog trainers and veterinarians around the country not only use DogWatch products for their own pets, they recommend them to their clients. Whether it’s our outdoor pet fence or an indoor wireless pet fence, experts agree that DogWatch pet containment systems have the best technology on the market today.

What the media is saying...

In addition to concerns about their pet's safety, today's pet owners have many containment issues to consider, including town's ordinances, local dog fencing restrictions, and leash laws as well. Not surprisingly, the media has been very active in covering outdoor underground dog fencing as well as indoor pet containment issues. Responsible dog owners are seeking the safest, most effective means of containment for their furry family members. These issues affect not only pet owners but their neighborhoods and communities in general.