Receiver Collar Batteries

Receiver Collar Batteries

Consistent containment. No "hidden" battery costs.

When the battery in your dog's collar runs out...guess who else runs out? In other words, short battery life can compromise your pet containment system and your dog's safety. With a DogWatch R8 receiver collar, you will only use one battery every two years, compared to seven or eight in two years with competitive pet fence brands. That is good for your dog's safety, good for your budget and good for the envirornment.

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With DogWatch batteries, you can count on consistent pet containment for your dog (or cat) and no "hidden" battery costs. Plus, changing a DogWatch battery is simple . . . no need for a service call from the Dealer (as is necessary for some other pet fence brands). And you can purchase batteies for your DogWatch dog fence from any source you like OR from your DogWatch Dealer. We can even arrange to send batteries to you automatically so you always have a new one when you need it. Ask your local DogWatch Dealer for details about the DogWatch Battery Plan.

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3.0 volt DogWatch battery
Price: $12.00
3.6 volt DogWatch battery
Price: $17.00
R12 DogWatch Receiver
Price: $269.00
R12 Mini DogWatch Receiver
Price: $269.00
R7 Mini DogWatch Receiver
Price: $299.00
R9 DogWatch Receiver
Price: $299.00