Owner's Guides

Your DogWatch Hidden Fence includes an Owner's Guide with useful information about changing your battery, training steps, and programming your receiver. If you've misplaced your Owner's Guide, you can view and print it by clicking on the appropriate link below.

Owner's Guide - Part 1

DogWatch System operating instructions and battery information for Performance Series PT4 Transmitter and R7 and R8 Receivers. (1.5MB)

Owner's Guide - Part 2

Training Steps to help you train your dog on the DogWatch Hidden Fence. (500K)

Performance Series R7 and R8 Receiver booklet

If you recently upgraded to a Performance Series receiver, this 16-page booklet provides information about the receivers' new features. Training steps not included. (760K)

This booklet includes operating instructions for the PT3 Transmitter (no Loop Monitor Display)and R7 and R8 Receivers.

PT4 Transmitter Sheet

This two-page sheet includes a photo and the features of the PT4 Transmitter. (340 KB)

I-50 Indoor System Owner's Guide

Our I-50 Indoor System works with your dog's outdoor receiver. To view and print a copy of the Instruction booklet, click on the link above.Ask your DogWatch dealer for details.(340K)