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DogWatch Test Magnet
DogWatch Test Magnet
If you need to change the training level on the receiver, hold your test light magnet to the two raised lines on the side of the receiver. Hold the magnet steady and you will hear a series of beeps that indicate the current (set) training level. The Training Level will continue to advance as long as the magnet is held in position.

For example, Level One is one beep, Level 2 is two beeps, etc. The beeps (or Receiver Tones) represent the Training Level the receiver is set at. When you reach the desired training level setting, pull the magnet away from the receiver. The receiver is now set. Note: Any time the magnet activates the receiver, it will first tell you what level the receiver is set to. As long as the magnet is held in place, it will advance the receiver to the next training level and continue to cycle through the settings.

For additional information and guidance see the training videos or owners manuals in the Support/FAQ section of this website.
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